Knowing your Garage Door Sizes

If you are thinking of building a new house, then you are more than likely thinking of installing a garage, or perhaps you simply want to replace your existing garage door. Either way, you have a considerable amount of work ahead of you, and you will need to determine just what size your garage needs.

In making this determination you will need to apply a few factors. First of all, how big is your car? How much storage space do you believe you will be needing? The following is a standard guide to sizes, but note that it can change depending on your specific needs:

Standard Door: 12 by 7 Feet, 14 by 7 Feet, 16 by 7 Feet

Double Door: 8 by 7 Feet, 9 by 7 Feet, 10 by 7 Feet

The important thing to note is that the standard door will be made to fit two cars. For the sake of aesthetics however, you may want to choose a double door. The downside to the double door of course, is that it will be much more difficult to navigate the entrance at night, and you may even lose a mirror if you are not careful. More info at In addition to that, you will want to be very careful about your garage door openers and the frequencies they use.

When you are choosing your garage door size, you will want to make sure you have room for expansion. If you plan to drive the same size vehicle forever, you will be fine with one size, but if you plan to buy a massive truck next moth, you will not want to be caught with an 8 by 7 garage door.

Keep these things in mind when you are purchasing your garage door, and know the limitations of your choice!

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